Our Mission

Union Capital Boston transforms social capital into opportunity by rewarding community engagement.

UCB is rooted in the 20th century practices of community organizing combined with the efficiencies of modern technology. UCB members earn social and financial rewards for their community involvement and volunteerism through our innovative mobile-app loyalty program and Civic Engagement Framework. The UCB App is the only resource aggregator in Boston that lists hundreds of events and programs and allows individuals to build resumes of volunteerism and activism. UCB Network Leaders build relationships of trust with members, connecting them to resources and each other in order to build a resilient and networked community. This model of relationships and rewards is creating a consistent opportunity to engage and build social capital.

Total Hours of Engagement
Earned in Rewards

UCB is made of committed community members creating opportunities for success for their families and our neighborhoods. Our robust network is creating real impact: higher employment rates, increased civic engagement, and a more connected city.

Check out the UCB Model in action at UCB Network Nights!

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