New Rewards Tiers!

You can earn UCB Points for investing in your community in areas of Education, Health, Finance, and Community Engagement:​

1. Participate: ​Use the UCB App to check into a posted event.
2. Activate:​ Upload your own activity into the App, which will be processed and approved for points.

If you are not sure whether your actions are eligible for UCB Points please:
1. Review the guidelines below
2. If the guidelines are not clear, please still submit any activity you think may be eligible for Points.
    a. Use the ‘Comment’ tab below the Event submission form to explain.
    b. UCB will follow-up with a full explanation if your submission is not eligible for UCB Points.

There will be fair and appropriate exceptions. These Point Guidelines are subject to edits and improvements through a coordinated review process of the UCB Board of Directors and Leadership Team.

What activities are eligible for UCB points?

Downloadable Points Guideline

Guía de puntos para bajar en Español

What is a UCB Selfie Star?