Network Leaders and Core Team

We hire, train, and manage our Network Leaders to sign-up new Union Capitalists. Network Leaders support their members in accessing resources and achieving goals, while also organizing to address collective community concerns

  • Coretta Brown- Network Leader, Dorchester
  • Wilbur Brown- Network Leader, Dorchester
  • Daisy Coto- Network Leader, Mattapan/Roxbury
  • Mirella Cruz- Network Leader, Mattapan/Roxbury
  • Dioneiris Medrano- Network Leader, Mattapan
  • Paula Reyes- Network Leader, Lynn
  • Thomas Ruffen- Network Leader, JP/Roxbury
  • Sonia Salcedo- Network Leader, East Boston
  • Shellina Semexant- Network Leader, Mattapan
  • Norma Stewart Heath- Network Leader, Dorchester
  • Jalina Suggs- Network Coordinator
  • Adriana Torres- Network Leader, East Boston

Leadership Team

Leadership Team


Our leadership team is open to all Union Capitalists who want to have an impact on how our organization grows.

Tech Consultant

Partner Organizations

Mission driven Partner Institutions pay organizational dues to join UCB. The fee covers signing up their members as Union Capitalists and hiring a Network Leader to serve as point-person with their organization.




Board of Directors

Foundational & Corporate Support