Diamond Leaders and Core Team

We hire, train, and manage our Diamond Leaders to sign-up new Union Capitalists. Diamond Leaders support their members in accessing resources and achieving goals, while also organizing to address collective community concerns

  • Daisy Coto- Diamond Leader for KIPP Academy Boston
  • Elsa Flores- Diamond Leader for FII in East Boston
  • Diana Garcia- Diamond Leader for Nurtury & Bromley-Heath
  • Blanca Gomez- Diamond Leader for DSNI
  • Dioneiris Medrano- Diamond Leader for KIPP Academy Boston
  • Thomas Ruffen- Diamond Leader for Smart from the Start’s Fathers
  • Sonia Salcedo- Diamond Leader for Let’s Get Movin’
  • Shellina Semexant- Diamond Leader for KIPP Academy
  • Jalina Suggs- Network Coordinator
  • Adriana Torres- Diamond Leader for EBNHC’s Education & Training Institute

Leadership Team

Leadership Team


Our leadership team is open to all Union Capitalists who want to have an impact on how our organization grows.

Tech and Data Consultants

Partner Organizations

Mission driven Partner Institutions pay organizational dues to join UCB. The fee covers signing up their members as Union Capitalists and hiring a Diamond Leader to serve as point-person with their organization.





Board of Directors

  • Jason Harburger– Chair
    Distribution Strategy at Financial Engines
  • E. Peter Alvarez– Vice Chair
    Associate at Choate, Hall & Stewart LLP
  • Josh Garver– Treasurer
    Vice President at C.W. Downer & Co.
  • Roy Chan– Secretary
    Innovation Co-Lead at Boston Public Schools and Boston Mayor’s Office of New Urban Mechanics
  • Crystal Murphy– Board Member
    Family Liaison/Special Projects Coordinator at Family Independence Initiative and Registration Specialist for Boston Public Schools
  • Liz Miranda– Board Member
    Executive Director Hawthorne Youth and Community Center (HYCC)
  • Mike Perez – Board Member
    President and COO at Exaptive, Inc.
  • Amy Ricigliano– Board Member
    Vice President, Client Services at Eidolon Communications

Foundational & Corporate Support