UCB activates volunteerism and civic engagement in order to build a more resilient and successful community network.

  • “UCB helps me realize that I am making a difference in the community I reside.”

  • “UCB is a good bridge that helps you come out from your home and reach the others around you.”

  • “UCB has invited me to create change, not just talk about it.”

Our Tools

The UCB App

  • Members use the UCB App to log their time spent in community and civic pursuits. Members select their category of activity (Education, Health, Finance or Community) a prelisted subcategory, date, and duration. They can elect to add a photo or share that they were wearing their UCB Button! The app takes a geolocation snapshot, and points are added to the user’s account.

  • Members also use the app to search through our calendar, chock-full of events that we source from every newsletter, tweet, post, and flyer that we can find! Many members tell us that they use the “Add to Calendar” button to help them plan out their weeks.

  • As members reach new levels in the app, they are rewarded with a Visa gift card sent directly to their home. Not only are they being rewarded for their time, they are building a powerful resume of service and action in their communities.

Network Leaders

We hire, train, and manage our Network Leaders to sign-up new Union Capitalists. Network Leaders support their members in accessing resources and achieving goals, while also organizing to address collective community concerns. Network leaders facilitate Network Nights in order to foster connections between members, organizations, information, and resources.

Network Nights

Network Night is an opportunity to come together, build relationships & trust, engage in meaningful conversations about issues & action, and exchange favors and resources. We host them twice a month in three locations and two languages: Jackson Square and Mattapan in English, and East Boston in Spanish. Interested in attending one? Click here!