Our Vision: Through ongoing community collaboration, we will create equity for all.

Boston has the greatest income inequality of any American city.
Boston organizations committed to overcoming inequities work in isolation. Resources go unused, seats go unfilled, and families fall farther behind in a disconnected system.
Union Capital Boston (UCB) collaborates across sectors in order to effectively connect low-income individuals and families to local resources, spark continual family and neighborhood engagement, and increase institution mission fulfillment.
We value the critical yet uncompensated work of community building, civic and school engagement, personal health promotion, and child enrichment by incentivizing time.


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Our Mission:
To transform Social Capital into Opportunity by Rewarding Community Engagement

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Our Tools:

  • Resources:

    Aggregate community and educational events, opportunities, and programs in one place. Make them easy to search, access, and rate.
  • Rewards:

    Value the unpaid but necessary work of community building, civic and school engagement, and child enrichment by incentivizing time. Gift cards are earned based on participation
  • Recognition:

    Build a culture of engagement that is passionate and joyful. Invite members into the ‘beloved community’ and recognize their efforts.
  • Relationships:

    Social Capital is built one relationship at a time. Cultivate trust, openness, honesty, and integrity.

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    Diamond Leaders

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    Partner Institutions

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    UCB App

Our Impact:

  • 750
    total members
    partner institutions
  • 241,103
    total hours submitted in 2016-2017
  • $254,165
    earned in rewards

UCB is the only existing national model that combines traditional organizing practices with modern technology to address systemic inequities and engage residents in solutions.
We lead the way in a competitive market by intentionally having no organizational competition. We link organizations and provide win-win benefits for individual members and institutions. The UCB App mobile platform is the only resource aggregator in Boston that lists hundreds of events and programs and allows residents to build a resume of volunteerism and activism.

  • “[UCB is] driven by the people, not some ‘Joe Smith’ coming and say[ing] what the community needs.”
    -Union Capitalist

Our Goals:

  • A Heat Map of Member Activity #flipthescript

  • UCB increases outputs of Partner Institution missions. Partner schools increase attendance and lower suspensions of their UCB students, health Partner Institutions increase exercise and healthy living habits of their UCB patients, finance Partners increase member saving and credit scores of their UCB members, and community development Partners increase resident participation and program leadership because of UCB member engagement.

  • Our Theory of Change is that through generating social capital, both individual families, as well as mission-driven institutions in low-income communities achieve measurable growth in overcoming the social indicators of poverty.